This small but expanding section has a variety of car care products at competitive prices and includes shampoo, wheel cleaner, upholstery cleaner, finishing products such as T cut and car wax; sponges, wash mitts, chamois leathers, polishing cloths etc; As well as de-icer, antifreeze, grease, and canned lubricants - 3 in One, and WD40; we also have air fresheners, a small selection of bulbs and fuses and a variety of other useful products.

There is also a small selection of items for the cyclist including cycle pumps, puncture repair kits, cycle lights and security chains.

We are developing this range so please check to see what we’ve got.



Please contact us for prices and availablity.

Telephone / Fax. 01260 278110


Cross Lane,
CW12 3JU